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Common Wood-nymph

The Common Wood-nymph (Cercyonis pegala) is cocoa brown with a rectangular yellow patch enclosing a large blackish eyespot on the forewing. Variations in coloration commonly occur.

It is found in Southern Canada and the continental United States; rarer in the Southwest U.S. and Texas, southern Florida, and northern Maine.

The Common Wood-nymph can often be found in overgrown fields, woodlands, prairies and along roads.

Wing spread: 2.0" - 3.0"

Host Plants: Grasses, wild oats, purpletop, bluestem species

Common Wood-nymph Life Cycle Stages and Times

Stage Typical Duration
Egg stage 6 to 20 days
Caterpillar (larval) stage 3 to 4 weeks
Chrysalis (pupal) stage 10 to 16 days
Adult butterfly stage 6 to 14 days


Common Wood-nymph Butterfly (dorsal view)
Common Wood-nymph Butterfly

Common Wood-nymph Butterfly (ventral view)
Common Wood-nymph Butterfly


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